Veteran's Day

I think I owe a big "Thanks" to Chaz who always is asking me if we can go play at the beach. Because of his prodding and begging, we ended up spending the day at the Del Mar Beach with friends and we had the "BEST TIME EVER" as my kids would say.

Giant sand hills to slide down.

Ali making a Sand Angel.

Chaz and Justin digging in the sand.

Running out to catch the waves.

Riding the waves in.

I'm going to be sad if I ever have to move from this magical place.

I'm so glad the American Dietetic Association weighed in on this segment

August 10, 2009

Mr. Andrew Morse
Executive Producer
Good Morning America Weekend

Dear Mr. Morse:

I am writing in regard to the segment on “What to Eat When: Foods to Satisfy” that aired Sunday, August 9, on Good Morning America Weekend. This interview contained many inaccurate and misleading statements that are not backed up by nutrition science research and therefore contained little useful information for your viewers who want to eat well and be healthy.

As a registered dietitian with many years of experience, I had never heard some of the “advice” given in this segment. For example, Kimberly Snyder’s statement that toasting bread “bakes out the sticky starch” and makes it easier to digest is not supported by any science I am aware of. Her recommendation to avoid diet soda because its artificial sweeteners are “highly glycemic” is incorrect, since non-nutritive low-calorie sweeteners do not contain carbohydrates (which are measured by the Glycemic Index) and therefore do not raise a person’s blood sugar levels. Contrary to Ms. Snyder’s comments, genetically modified protein bars containing soy protein isolate are no more difficult to digest than any other protein. And there is no evidence that eating fruit as a midnight snack causes indigestion, since all foods a person eats are mixed together in the stomach and do not “sit on top” of one another.

These are only four examples of the numerous factual errors in this interview, which unfortunately missed an opportunity to provide GMA’s millions of viewers with reliable, consumer-friendly food and nutrition advice that is backed up by the consensus of scientific research.

The good news is, consumer-friendly advice backed by science is available to everyone – from a registered dietitian. The American Dietetic Association has a national network of spokespeople in all parts of the country – all registered dietitians who (unlike self-proclaimed nutritionists) have earned their status as real experts through education and experience.

The American Dietetic Association’s media relations professionals will follow up with you and discuss potential segments for Good Morning America Weekend. ADA looks forward to continuing our Association’s productive relationship with Good Morning America to provide the public with food and nutrition advice that your viewers will find informative, entertaining and, most important, accurate.

On behalf of the 70,000 members of the American Dietetic Association, thank you very much.


Jessie M. Pavlinac, MS, RD, CSR, LD
President, American Dietetic Association

Cc: Desiree Adib, Guest Booker
Roger Sergel, ABC News Medical Unit

Watch this video:

My Favorite American Idol...

Kris Allen is my favorite!! I predict Adam Lambert may win because he has so much confidence performing, but Kris Allen is so musical and I just like him(he's a cutie too). What more can I say--vote for him.


On Thursday, we decided to pull the kids out of school before spring break and go to Disneyland and California Adventure with our cousins Brian, Laura and Brianna. It was so much fun and the lines weren't long at all(yeah!!). The only long line was for the new Toy Story ride. Much to my delight, Chaz is tall enough to go on all the rides at Disneyland except the Indiana Jones ride (why not that ride??).

Chaz in T-Ball

I wanted to post some pictures of Chaz in T-ball. He is having a lot of fun. He is a lefty and has a strong hit. All the boys on his team are so adorable.

December was packed/ My blog was ignored....

I like Sunshine's idea of posting updates for the entire month. December was so busy for me. I really didn't have time to update my blog and I've missed reading all your blogs.

Besides all the small things...I started training on a new job(thank you Lora, Kathleen and David for the glowing references--your awesome), had a final in my music class(yikes), performed a piano solo at a piano recital(I was more nervous than the little kids-I'll try to figure out how to post the video), had family in town for the holidays(fun!!fun!!), attended my brother's baby blessing(neat!) and my sister's temple sealing(very cool!). I feel so exhausted and I haven't even finished my yearly photobooks(I'm behind).

Christmas morning

Grandma and Grandpa Simonson

Proof .....

As many of you know, I took a music class on Wednesday evenings this past semester. I loved taking the class and I learned a lot. One of my classmates took this picture and emailed me a copy. As you can see, it was a very diverse class and I was surprised that there weren't more girls in the class. I guess guys are taking over in the music business?? So, here is the proof that I actually was enrolled in a class.

Veronica's BB SHOWER

Yesterday, Teresa and I threw a babyshower for Veronica. It was a lot of fun and Veronica received some great items for her baby. (She needs help thinking of a middle name that starts with the letter "M".) Hey Veronica--how about Mammy?

Updates on ME

I've been very busy lately. Of course my favorite type of busy is being a mom to two kids who are both in several activites. Also, I am taking a swim class at the college, a music class and piano lessons. I just love learning--I always need a challenge. Next, I've been HEAVILY involved the past week in "YES on PROP 8" matters. Finally, I'm looking around at picking up consulting work as a Dietitian. I should know in a week or so if I've secured a job as an enteral dietitian--working with tubefed patients.

It is hard to see, but the tubefed patient is asking "What is for dessert?"

Updates on Ali and Chaz

Ali's class toured the U.S.S. Midway. I try to go on every field trip with her and I thought it was an amazing field trip to see a city on water. Something only possible to do here in San Diego.

Chaz is really into building. He sneaks out in the garage and gets screws, bolts, tools and anything that looks like it could be used to build. Chaz kept trying to build a robot and I wanted to help him but I felt like it would be more in Cary's arena to help him with that. So, they built a robot and Chaz even wanted to sleep with it. So cute!!